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Site Bylaws

Nurturing Entrepreneurship and Mentoring – The Israeli Leadership and Innovation Forum Ltd. (PBC), Company number 515721066, constitutes a network for leaders that promotes innovative civil leadership in a variety of fields of activity (hereinafter: “the Forum”).

The Forum sees itself as identifying with the values of a free economy, social justice, civil entrepreneurship and fair government service to its citizens.


Membership in the Israeli Leadership Forum:

  1. Membership in the Forum is voluntary and subject to the provisions of these Bylaws, including all amendments made to them from time to time.
  2. Those who wish to take part in the Israeli Leadership Forum will apply for acceptance as a member via the Forum’s internet site and pay application fees as indicated on the Forum site.
  3. An applicant for Forum membership will not be accepted as a formal member except after an acceptance interview to be conducted by a Forum Members Acceptance Committee, or after written confirmation from the Forum Search Committee, which has the authority to accept or reject an applicant for membership, subject to their exclusive consideration, which may change from time to time. 
  4. A Forum member will be one who meets the criteria set in this chapter, who has paid the membership application fee, and who undergoes an examination or interview by the Forum Acceptance Committee, has paid the membership fee, and has signed a joining form, all in accordance with the provisions of these Bylaws (hereinafter: “Forum member”).
  5. A Forum member will be over age 21, identify with the values and goals of the Forum, an activist with social and business potential, or hold a senior management position in the public or business sector.
  6. Membership is intended for individuals only, and the membership, including any right deriving from it and including any benefit provided by it, is personal and non-transferable. 
  7. A Forum member will be considered as one who has read and agreed to all of the provisions of the Bylaws and the application form, including any future changes to it. Insofar as one does not agree to them, that person is not entitled to join the Forum as a member. The Forum retains its right to change and/or update and/or amend the provisions of these Bylaws from time to time, all as it sees fit and in accordance with its sole discretion, and without prior notice.
  8. A Forum member confirms knowing that filling in the contact details on the application form constitutes a condition for membership, having agreed of one’s own free will that the name and details as one conveyed upon joining the Forum, will be used by the Forum to promote its activities, perform information analysis, statistical research and direct mailing to Forum members, so that use of the aforementioned information will not be considered a violation of privacy and will not entitle the member to any compensation or remedy.
  9. The Forum member consents to receiving information through various means, including email messages, SMS messages and/or any other possible manner, all subject to any law.
  10. The Forum member is not entitled to use any trademarks, content, names, graphic content or designs, music, files, pictures, photos, clips, text or symbols that appear on the Forum’s website and/or the Forum’s Facebook page and/or in the Forum’s messages or publications, and/or the Forum’s mailings and/or in any other marketing and/or promotional material of the Forum for purposes that are not for personal and non-commercial use. Copying, using, presenting, distributing, or enabling others to perform any of these actions with regard to content, in any way, including on internet sites, in publications of any sort or kind and so forth, is strictly prohibited.


Membership fees

  1. Joining the Forum entails the payment of membership fees at an annual rate as appears on the Forum website. The membership fees are spread over regular monthly payments and enable entry to the open Forum events, empower the Forum members by presenting and publicizing them, as well as providing them with opportunities to exercise influence in decision making hubs and throughout the public sphere.
  2. A member who does not pay membership fees will receive notification and will pay the balance due in the following month. 
  3. The Forum retains the right to update, from time to time, the membership rate, to raise it or lower it, according to its sole consideration, and without advance notice.
  4. To remove any doubt, should a member join the Forum and pay the membership fees, and should the membership fees then be reduced, the member will not be entitled to any return and/or discount on the membership fees already paid.


Payment methods

  1. Payment of membership fees to the Forum will be made by credit card only.


Membership termination

  1. A member who is interested in terminating membership in the Forum will provide written notice 30 days in advance.
  2. The Forum, at its sole discretion, is entitled to terminate the membership of any member who does not meet and/or ceases to meet the Forum membership criteria and/or performs actions detrimental to the Forum and/or to any of its members and/or exploits Forum members for personal goals.
  3. The Forum retains its right to not confirm a joining and/or to extend a membership and/or to order the termination of a membership subject to its exclusive consideration and without any obligation to justify its decision.