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About Us

The Israeli Leadership Forum serves as a leading, innovative home for leaders, groundbreaking entrepreneurs, and senior members of Israel’s business community and public sector, who wish to contribute their experience and abilities towards the advancement of Israeli society, and see this as their mission.

The Forum is a platform to realize this desire, enabling its members to jointly leverage their abilities, share information and knowledge in unique encounters and experiences, and promote initiatives. The Forum constitutes a force-multiplying social network that brings together leading human capital and works to provide a response to the common public challenges of Israeli society.

Forum members are the vanguard in every field, we identify needs and respond to them with every tool at our disposal. We recognize the need to nurture innovative, entrepreneurial and high-quality leadership in the public sphere, who will examine the shared challenges facing us in an independent and creative manner.


Promoting creative solutions for the public and social challenges facing Israeli society by creating a space that enables open discourse and direct, unmediated connections between the business community and the public sector, decision makers and opinion leaders.


Excellence, giving, entrepreneurship, taking responsibility, innovation, creativity, Zionism, and collaboration for the common good.


To transform Israel into a better place to live, by building a social network that gathers together Israel's successful groundbreakers.

Partners in our Journey

Forum staff

Shai Bazak

Founder and CEO of the Forum

Ron Tzur

Chairman of the Forum’s Advisory Committee

Roy Elbaz

Forum Chairman

Attorney Avi Aseyo

Chairman of the
Board of Directors