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Club for Promising Young Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs, innovation leaders and groundbreakers, promising managers just starting out – come and be part of the most central and influential platform in Israel. Thinking “outside the box”, which changes the rules of the game, transforms promising youths into the leaders and groundbreakers of tomorrow.



Acquaintance and support by senior executives, Forum members, for personal empowerment and sharing of the accumulated knowledge and experience


providing space to learn and strategic tools to promote entrepreneurship, empowerment and training as a leader, exposure to tomorrow's success


driving action and creating opportunities for collaborations that promote solutions to social and public challenges with business tools

Value provided by the club to its members

Providing of practical tools to achieve prominence in the business sector and for forming creative mechanisms of thought

Direct familiarity with the leading companies in the Israeli economy

Multi-sectoral familiarity with the mosaic of Israeli society

Empowerment of each and every member, exposing them to professional, groundbreaking content

Knowledge sharing, learning, training and workshops

Networking with an involved and influential social network of young people motivated to take action and engage.

What does club membership include?


Networking events each year in the framework of the general forum


Learning sessions in a smaller, high caliber forum


Tours and familiarization with leading Israeli companies

Who is it for?

Young activists with potential to influence, entrepreneurs, promising managers at the start of their path, opinion leaders – people who feel a burning need to act and succeed and are interested in promoting solutions in the public sphere.


From the meetings