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Do you want to lead,
influence and make a difference?

We see every leader and entrepreneur in the business and public sectors as having key, significant potential in the force leading to the creation of a national impact, transforming Israel into a better place to live.

Why should one be a member of the Israeli Leadership Forum?

This is a leading, innovative forum, a home for leaders and groundbreaking entrepreneurs, senior members of the business community and the public sector in Israel, people who have the desire and ability to engage in advancing Israeli society.

What does one gain?

The Forum connects senior members of the business community, leading entrepreneurs and executives, exposing them to Israel’s current challenges and opportunities, providing a direct and unmediated link to decision makers and opinion leaders, and an opportunity to take part in collaborations between the business sector and the public sector.

Why did I join the Forum?

Promising Entrepreneurs Club

4 networking events per year in the framework of the general forum.

2 intimate learning and exposure meetings for club members.

2 tours and familiarization with leading Israeli companies.

Executive Club IMPACT+

4 networking events per year in the framework of the general forum.

4 professional meetings to provide participants with practical tools and management, leadership and decision-making skills.

Annual leadership seminar on innovation and entrepreneurship.

The target audience

Entrepreneurs and senior managers of leading companies in the Israeli and world economies. Businessmen and social investors. 

Senior managers in public service.

Opinion leaders. Academicians and intellectuals. 

Young activists with leadership potential.